In the Photo: Miss Maybelle, Leah, Brooke, Sharaya, Elaine, Mam Dolce, and Lerissa

On January 7, 2012 our whole group arrived from Manila into Iloilo City.  During the plane ride we experienced quite a bit of turbulence and were very happy to be on solid ground.  Leah found the flight a bit more rough and had to make use of the on flight services.  When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by four smiling faces, a welcome banner, and given Balay Dalangphan masks.  These masks are to represent their festival of Santo Niño (Infant Jesus). These masks were our first taste of Iloilo culture and it made us feel more welcomed into their community. We travelled from the airport (30min) to the residence of St. Paul University.  From there we went with students from the university nursing program out for supper.

Prior to this photo: Lerissa and Elaine had just arrived from a 48 hour total travel time. Brooke, Leah, and Sharaya had been staying in Manila for two days.  We were all very tried and went to bed early to fight off jet lag.

This is the mask we were given (as described above).  They are attached to strings and hang around our neck.