Orientation has commenced in the city of Antipolo.  Meeting and greeting with community leaders, partners, and officials is an important aspect of the orientation process because it is a way of showing respect in the Filipino culture.  Therefore, we spent our morning making our way around the city meeting the officials personally to gain their respect and approval to work within their community. The smallest community unit is referred to as a Barangay.  We will be placed in various Barangays to perform community-based nursing tasks.

In the latter part of the morning we went to the staff house to meet with Miss Joy’s co-faculty and the fourth year Filipino Nursing Students. We observed the students and their preceptor Miss Janelle, having a post-conference which was comparable to the formalities which we take participation in NEPS. At this time, the Filipino nursing students explained to us how they utilize the nursing process (Assessment, Diagnose, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation) within the community nursing setting.  University of East Ramone Magsaysay (UERM) nursing students, go through the process step by step, and physically apply the theory into their assigned community, with the guidance of their preceptor.

While meeting the nursing students, we indulged in the traditional fruit called Buko, otherwise known as Coconut.

In the afternoon, we had classroom orientation, where we developed our schedule for the next 3 weeks. In summation, the warm hospitality by the community made us feel welcome.