Friday morning we set out to the clinic to take part in the Tuberculosis (TB) program they have in Antipolo called DOTS: Direct Observed Therapy Short-Course. The health center was filled wall to wall with a variety of clients across the lifespan, many of which were TB clients, due to every Friday being DOTS days.  We observed that many of the TB clients were middle-aged males.  It was evident that TB is a problem within the community noted by the client turnout.  We viewed a seminar presented in Tagalog about TB and the DOTS program.  Due to the high number of clients, and the complexity of the treatment regimen, education is key.  Clients are required to take the medication, which has harsh side effects, daily for 6 months.  Therefore, each dose must be observed by a Barangay healthcare partner, to increase compliance.  Having a local partner to assist with their medication therapy increases accessibility, which is a integral component of Primary Health Care.  We then observed the initial dose of the 6 month treatment program.  Also, we had the opportunity to perform Mantoux testing (which is a intradermal injection to determine TB exposure).