During our first week in Iloilo we travelled to the community of Janiuay.  This is where we will be spending half our community clinical time (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings).  The location is at the rural health unit in the center of the town.  This clinic offers services to the people free of charge including dental health, prenatal health, labour and delivery, immunizations, and assessments.  This is a benefit as the hospital charges for services.  During our first day on duty we did an ocular survey of the town and clinic.  The 3rd year nursing students, who we are working with during this clinic time, provided us with a tour of the clinic and its services. We also had time to meet the mayor who welcomed us into the community.

During our first official day on duty we were all assigned to different areas.  Leah and Sharaya gave immunizations to children (see other post for more specific information). Elaine and Brooke used IMCI to classify children and provide treatment.  Lerissa was fortunate to take part in all areas including immunizations, assessments, and antepartum care.  There was also a delivery that day, which three of us were able to partake in. Sharaya delivered the baby, Elaine assisted, and Lerissa provided baby care.  (See specific post on deliveries for more information).

Our second day at the RUH was busy.  There were many people who needed to see the doctor and several children who required medications.  Sharaya and Leah assessed children using IMCI.  Brooke and Elaine provided prenatal care.  Lerissa did initial assessments, which is the first step before entering specific parts of the clinic. We have enjoyed our time in the clinic as it is more realistic community nursing. The nursing students have been a huge blessing as they provide information and translate for us to provide better care.

This is the entrance to the clinic

These are the services offered by the clinic

A view of the inside of the clinic

Picture with: Ms. Dulce (clinical coordinator), RHU employee, Lerissa, Elaine, Mayor of Janiuay, Brooke, Sharaya, Leah, and Ms. Maybelle (community clinical instructor).