Building on last weeks assessment we determined that stress is a common theme in our designated community. Based on this issue we decided to formulate a health teaching session to assist the member of the community to effectively cope with stress. The nursing students at UREM assisted us with the program planning phase.  Monday afternoon we gathered to plan our health teaching program by setting goals, delegating tasks, and designing the content.  We were able to throw in a Canadian twist by bringing in a new perspective, incorporating laughing yoga, guided imagery, and our own personalized exercise routine.  Tuesday afternoon, we received permission from the community chairperson to hold the teaching session at their Chapel.  We then set out house to house to distribute invitations and advertise through out the community.  With an estimated number of 60 adults and 60 kids we were able to predict the amount of food needed to prepare, which is a key aspect of hosting a community event in the Philippines.  Wednesday, we gathered in the staff house with UERM students to make tuna sandwiches, biscuits, and freshly squeezed orange juice using local goods.  The meal was purchased by a collection of funds gathered amongst ourselves and UERM students.  This program demonstrated that when working in a community you must be resourceful and work together.  In the afternoon we implemented the program by each playing a key role in demonstrating and educating about positive coping mechanisms.  The UERM nursing students were able to assist in translating throughout the teaching session.  This was a positive experience for both us and the community members, demonstrated by the smiling faces and extensive positive feedback.