Once again we divided into two separate groups to assess grade school children, kindergarten to grade 6. Jaclyn and Sarah set out to a school consisting of approximately 8,000 students while Shawn and Chantelle visited a school consisting of approximately 2,500 students.  These numbers demonstrate the need for a health resource person within the schools to assist with illness prevention, health promotion, and health restoration.  Within the schools we were able to perform numerous head to toe assessments. Based on our finding we noted a high prevalence of pediculosis (head lice), dental carries, and missing teeth.  Upon discussion with the Filipino nursing students and our faculty resource person, we were informed that this is a normal occurrence. However, in Canada we would classify these health issues as an epidemic based on the high numbers.  We found it very challenging to assess a child with apparent health issues and not be able to intervene or refer do to the lack of resources and access. Furthermore, the challenge lies in that the individuals are required to pay for health services and supplies, which are not often affordable.  Despite our inability to act on health challenges, it was rewarding to have the ability to assess and interact with the grade school children.