We spent our amazing last day at the UERM campus where we partook, along with group 1, in culminating activities with the students.  We were surprised at the formality which the students had prepared at as we were expecting a  much more casual event. We were fortunate enough to have the UERM choir sing a hymn to open the event followed by the Philippine National anthem. Following their anthem, we all proudly stood to sing the Canadian Anthem, loud and proud. We then watched a heartwarming slides how depicting our incredible adventures together with the students over the past 3 weeks.  We learned that the students did not know they would be paired with us until we showed up to meet them on the first day. Had it been us receiving an international partner for 3 weeks with no prior notice, we wold have been a little overwhelmed to say the least. This of course was not the same for our Filipino counterparts. They eagerly took us under their wings and assured we received the best experiences possible during our time. This demonstrates the innate hospitality and kindness of the Philippine culture. As a group of 9, we then performed line dancing which the Philippine students learned in a matter of seconds. We then followed the line dancing with the chicken dance, which they appeared to love.  Two UERM students then performed a traditional dance using candles.  We all had the chance to try as well,  which must have been painful for them to watch. It was our turn again to demonstrate a Karate form which Shawn had taught us the night prior. Afterwards, Shawn demonstrated another more advanced form for all of the students in his traditional Karate uniform.  Afterwards, we exchanged gifts with our partners.  It was so rewarding to finally give them something in return for all they had done for us. It was an extremely emotional but joyous end to our time at UERM and our Filipino student partner.

Our instructors and Filipino student partners: (left to Right) Miss Joy, Dr. Susan Fowler-kerry, Sara, Sarah, Cha, Chantelle, Jaclyn, Karen, Shawn, Gino, & Miss Jenelle

Teaching the Filipinos how to do the line dance.

Shawn giving Karate lessons

The Filipino Nursing Students showing their moves off.