At Dr. Fowler-Kerry’s request, we spent the morning at Intramuros, the historic fortified city of Manila.  It was built during the Spanish colonial period in the 1500’s. It was a powerful illustration of the Spanish influence on Filipino culture. The history at Intramuros was overwhelming. Some of the building had lived through or had been rebuilt from countless invasions and wars.  In world war two it was even used by the Americans as barracks and headquarters.  We had the opportunity to visit Manila Cathedral which had been demolished during World War 2 then rebuilt through the help of a number of nations around the world.  We spent most of our time at Intramuros at Fort Santiago, one of the most historical areas in the walled city.  It was the site of many prisoners deaths during The Spanish Colonial Period and World War 2 as well the location of Jose Rizals’ imprisonment before his execution. We suggest you research this remarkable man as he was a national hero of the Philippines with very good reason.  We visited the Rizal Shrine where many of his works of art and poetry were housed.  Our visit to all of these locations gave us great understanding of Filipino culture. It provided us with greater comprehension as to why a lot of things are the way they are. It demonstrated how the corruption of the government took a man’s live because he voiced against the disparity and inequality, a common story in many countries around the world.