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For the second last rotation at St. Paul we were assigned duty in the operating room.  This was a great experience for us as we do not normally have the opportunity to work in this area back home.  However,  we also lack the essential knowledge needed for working in such an area.  The first day we spent orientating to the unit and learning new skills such as:

– How to sterile glove and gown oneself

– How to sterile glove and gown the doctor

– Sterile Scrubbing

– How to set up a sterile field

– Common equipment, tools, and their names

– Cleaning the equipment

– The 13 rinciples of sterile technique

– Role of scrub and circulating nurse

– Pre-op, intra-op and post-op care of patients

– Delivery room (prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care)

We were each able to see surgeries and either assist as a scrub nurse or circulating nurse.  This was a good experience for us all as we gained greater knowledge of the OR and general anatomy and physiology.  On our last day the head nurse and the preceptor gave us a parting gift of nursing stickers/pins and pizza.  They really enjoyed having Canadian students working with them.  As well we also enjoyed them as we found them welcoming and helpful.

The Delivery Room Suite

One of four delivery rooms

The OR had a gallery where we could view surgeries from above.  This was neat as you could better visualize the surgical area without being in the room.  Here we met with out instructor for conferences.

The Or staff gave us gifts upon our departure. They included gifts of nursing pins and stickers.  We also had pizza (pictured here).

Us with our clinical instructor (Miss. Rossaline) and the head nurse (Sir. Miguel) and preceptor (Miss. Gly)

One of the four operating rooms