Hello Everyone!

We are a group of nine students coming together in the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan to do our final nursing practicum overseas in the Philippines!  We are all very excited to be finishing up our education as well as being able to do it in a completely new environment and have an experience of a lifetime.

This blog is our one main way to connect to everyone and anyone who is interested in our experiences and how it is and will affect us in the future.  We will be split into two groups once in the Philippines.  The first group is staying in the Philippines for eight weeks while the other group will be there for four (you can learn more specifics about the groups under their own pages!).  When a specific group publishes a post it will be categorized depending on what clinical group it is being posted by (either group one or two).  This way you will be able to keep better track of who is posting what!

We are all so excited to share this journey with you and can not wait for it to start!
We encourage you to post your comments or thoughts about what we are posting as well as questions about anything as well!!

Philippine International Practicum Group 2012


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